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8 Best Selling Hawaiian T-shirts For Holiday

8 Best Selling Hawaiian T-shirts For Holiday

Hawaiian Shirt Guide

With summer's non-stop travels, the appeal of these fancier shirt designs is stronger than ever. Whether it's laced up with sunglasses and gold jewelry or a plain white tee under a casual David Beckham, they'll match. The Hawaiian shirt is undoubtedly a true vintage classic, with an iconic look that has lasted for decades. Its influence is ubiquitous in the fashion world. It has now become a staple piece of summer style. Today's Hawaiian shirts transcend aesthetics and appeal to the most discerning of gentlemen in hype and menswear. So to get you ready for the warmer weather, we're here to bring you a hand-picked selection of 8 Hawaiian shirts that have stolen the show this season.

The Origin of the Hawaiian Shirt

Although Hawaii was self-governing in the 1880s, a large number of American-run businesses still existed. In search of cheap labor, American business owners recruited from all corners of the world. Most came from China, Korea and Portugal, but most importantly Japanese immigrants in aloha shirts.

 Why was this important?

Aloha shirts have deep Japanese roots, as Japanese immigrants brought bright kimono fabrics. Filipino and Chinese immigrants also brought barong talongs and colorful silks. These foreign influences, paired with native Hawaiian Kapa cloth garments, helped create the Hawaiian shirt. In the 1920s, Hawaiian student Gordon Young worked with his mother's tailor to make a "pre-aloha shirt". Japanese Toyo cloth made of kimono is used. Patterns include blue or black bamboo and a geometric pattern on a white background. Soon, these became popular among fellow Hawaiian students. It wasn't until the 1930s that Aloha shirts really started to take off. Soon after, Hawaiian shirts began to be mass produced. Shaheen, the largest textile company manufacturer at the time, hired a team of artists to design new patterns for the fabrics. The artists experimented with prints and made non-traditional coconut trees, oriental fish and surfers.

Here are 8 carefully selected Hawaiian shirts:


 <Men's Hawaiian Shirt Casual Short Sleeve Shirts>



<Hawaiian Flamingo Casual Tencel Cotton Shirt Button Down>



<Men's Hawaiian Shirt Short Sleeve Shirts>



  <Hawaiian Casual Cotton Shirt Button Down>



<Mens Hawaiian Shirt Casual Short Sleeve Button Down Shirts>



<Hawaiian Flower Casual Poplin Shirt Button Down>



<Hawaiian Pineapple Casual Poplin Shirt Button Down>



<Hawaiian Plants Casual Tencel Cotton Shirt Button Down>

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