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5 Of The Best Water Shoes For Hiking!

5 Of The Best Water Shoes For Hiking!

Don’t let one slippery rock interrupt your day of white-water rafting, trekking across a riverbed, or strolling on a pebbly beach. Wearing the right water shoes can help prevent a dangerous fall or a nasty cut—or just keep you covered as you chase your kid through a sprinkler. Although water shoes historically have been known more for their function than their style, we found several pairs that are nice-looking enough to also wear on dry land.

Here are some choice you should have a pair of water shoes handy!

  • Our quick-dry water shoe which is extremely durable due to the high quality sole and can therefore cope with any ground condition, such as in the cliffs, asphalt or in the water. Due to the special materials, the shoe is also above average light and breathable. It's the most comfortable water shoe you've ever had on.

  • These shoes boast a synthetic upper construction. As such, they are an incredibly durable pair of shoes with a particularly flexible fit. These shoes should allow for comfort and complete freedom of movement as you explore. 

  • If you’re hiking a trail with particularly mixed terrain, you will need to opt for a pair of water shoes that are easy to get on and off. Keep an eye out for shoes with quick-release laces or buckles. 

  •  If you plan on hiking along rivers throughout the summer, these sandals are a great option! 

  • The uppers are made of elastic material, which is soft, comfortable, skin friendly and quick drying.Convenient lace-up design make it easy for you to put on or off at any time and anywhere.

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