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Cast Farther, Catch More: Advanced Braided Fishing Line

Dive into the realm of angling excellence with our exclusive range of premium braided fishing lines. Crafted to perfection and engineered for performance, each line in our collection promises to elevate your fishing game to new heights. Whether you're targeting trophy bass in freshwater lakes or battling the giants of the deep sea, we have the perfect braided line to suit your needs. Experience unmatched casting distance, superior strength, and unparalleled sensitivity with our meticulously designed lines. Don't settle for mediocrity – invest in the best and watch your catches soar. Cast farther, catch more – it's time to take your fishing adventures to the next level.



8 X braid line





Breaking strain:

optional 15 lb,25 lb,35 lb Coated Hooklink Length:10m/spool


Our coated hooklink is a tough, coated braid line that's incredibly easy to strip. The coating offers a multitude of presentation options from simple combi rigs to more complex rigs like the multi-rig. Package includes: 1PCS Coated Hooklink / soft hooklink.

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