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Top 8 T-shirts Design Trends For Summer 2022

Top 8 T-shirts Design Trends For Summer 2022

Our 2022 T-shirt design trends are finally here! We've poured over the best shirt designs from the past year, and we can't wait to tell you everything we've learned. These shirt designs have everything from eye-catching color combinations, imaginative graphics and graphics, creative typography and more!

T-shirts are timeless. That means these closet essentials won't go out of style. The growing interest leads you to constantly update your custom t-shirts based on trends. Here, in this blog, we've rounded up 10 t-shirt trends to watch for in 2022. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Here Are 8 T-shirt Design Trends You'll Love In 2022


01.  Strong Statement Designs

Sometimes your t-shirt just needs to say what it needs to say, boldly and clearly. Sometimes all you need on your merchandise is to make a shirt with a word or phrase that conveys your point. This is especially effective if your garment advocates a cause, non-profit organization or social movement.

02. Vintage T-shirt

Retro or vintage t-shirt designs are not going away. It is both classic and stylish and people love to show them off every chance they get. The styles look pleasing to the eye and the designs range from fun quotes to interesting images and more. From 90's retro to 80's bright fashion, you'll find this t-shirt trend transcends all vintage boundaries.

03. Casual T-shirt

Whether you buy a custom long-sleeved shirt or a short-sleeved shirt, minimalist typography or design is the trendsetter you'll see in 2022. The younger generation is sure to take minimalism to new heights. Minimalist designs are easy to create, but you need a perfect design concept to define it.

04. Hand-drawn Design

Hand drawn shirt designs have always had so much personality and importance. These pencil-like drawings with textures are a great design trend that never goes out of style. The bright, detailed lines of these t-shirt designs offer a lot of room for your imagination.

05. Bold Background With Text

This is bound to get everyone's attention. What better way to share your message with the world than to superimpose it on an eye-catching shirt design? Take this design trend in whatever direction suits you, and be bold!

06. 3D Graphic Design

3D print design can show bold patterns through three-dimensional, starry sky and other forms, so that the original ordinary T-shirt is full of design.

07.  Illustrative Figures

As digital drawings become more and more popular, these illustrative portraits have become a go-to design idea. They bring the perfect amount of personalization and playfulness to your t-shirt. You can choose to style this as an abstract shirt design or as realistic as you’d like!

08.  Animal Portrait Designs

From animal rescues and wildlife organizations to famous pet celebrities, animal portraits continue to be a popular design choice and a top trend for custom apparel. We love this design trend due to how versatile it is. You can feature your animal on the shirt by using a simple line drawing that outlines its body and a few facial features, or, you can get super detailed to match its unique personality.

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