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Minimal Bikini Swimsuits

Minimal Bikini Swimsuits

Just like everyone has their own personal style when it comes to their outfits, everyone has their own personal swimwear style. For years, I’ve always gravitated towards more simple and minimal swimsuits. Similar to my everyday style of basic white tees and denim, I find that my swimwear style runs parallel to that. There’s no crazy embellishments on my swimsuits, no bold color or prints, and definitely no trendy cuts. I stick to what I consider the basic style which is the minimalist bikini.

Simple triangle swimwear, or bralette styles and string bikinis, they are all minimal yet also sexy. I love that they never go out of style and seem to stick around year after year. Proving this with the fact that I still have and love several swimsuits from college that you can still shop for today. Sure these could all feel trendy and not so minimalist when you consider crazy prints and bold hues. But I’m here for the basics. The black, the white, a nude; the classics.

Triangle Swimsuits

My go-to style that truly never, ever goes out of style. The triangle bikini swimsuit. They’re classic, sexy and totally minimal. I love these paired with a true string bikini bottom too. They’re no fuss, minimal tan lines, and classic.

Sexy Swimsuits

My most worn style and one I feel the sexiest in. I like these because they are literally just a bra. Which means, support! If you have a larger chest you may prefer this over a triangle for support. I also think they’re just super flattering. Plus, they easily can go from beach to wherever you’re headed because it is truly just a bra. 

String Bikinis

One of the things I love about a string bikini is that they sometimes have fun details. While stilling being minimal, they can feel a bit more elevated with the design detail in the center.

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